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In this month's How I Got Here Member Spotlight, Alicia Narusé shares how her art skills led her to major in Industrial Design and found a furniture business with her husband, and how she has expanded her network and become friends with other women and mothers since joining FEW. To read more go here

For Empowering Women (FEW) in Japan is an exceptionally active and ever-growing Tokyo-based non-profit business and social networking organization whose mission is to “enable internationally-minded women in Japan to achieve their full professional and personal potential.”

Originally standing for “Foreign Executive Women”, who were literally “few” when the organization was founded in 1981 by two foreign female entrepreneurs, FEW has evolved tremendously over its almost 35-year history, having empowered thousands of women in and outside of Japan.

FEW aspires to be the “GO-TO place for personal and professional learning and connection,” hosting regular monthly meetings, normally on the second Thursday of the month. There is time for networking at each event and special events offer more opportunities to connect, learn and have fun.

All meetings and events are held in English and open to both members and guests. In addition, we run special interest groups and career development-focused seminars, engage in strategic partnerships, and promote volunteering as part of our community services program.

Through these activities, we offer our members a friendly and supportive internationally-minded community of resources, knowledge and information, opportunities, and much more; no matter whether you want to establish employment contacts or simply to network and make a new group of friends.

FEW membership is open to women of all nationalities, with numbers varying between 100 and 130 at any given time. Members comprise professionals including marketers, journalists, entertainment specialists, attorneys and bankers to freelance photographers, translators and entrepreneurs in a variety of industries, and also include women at the start of their careers such as students and interns.

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