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Bloomville Inc. is a Tokyo based business catering to brand design, furniture production, & hospitality supplies in Asia Pacific, United States, & Canada. We are a professionally managed family business with a 40-year-old legacy and a strong foundation in quality control & customer servicing.


Our services span across four major offerings, making us a single point provider for all your furnishing, hospitality, and design needs.

1. Interior-Exterior-Furniture Contract Service

7 Oceans Designs

ARD Outdoor

Bramble Co.

and more

2. B2B Sourcing (China, Taiwan, Indonesia)

We source products for your retail & wholesale businesses. Backed by our local QCs, local connections, and friendship based suppliers.

3. Hotel Amenities & Supplies

Toiletries, amenities, and hotel supplies with modern & eco-friendly packaging design & logo printing services. 

4.Web Design & Development, Business Branding & Graphic Creative Design

Our design services are here to help strengthen positive perceptions around brands and bolster their visual identity.


7Oceans Designs

99 Base

ARD Outdoor


Chijeih Co. Ltd

Turquoise Port

Frankie Cihi

Naomi Sundberg


Alexander & Sun

Art House 21

Bliss Design Factory

Cleen Act

GPlus Media

H & Associates

Hotel Alexander Group

Kodomo Edu Nakameguro


Tokyo Bees

and more

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