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Professionally managed family business with a 40-year-old legacy.

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About Bloomville

Bloomville Inc. is an established, Tokyo based business catering to furniture & hospitality related meta-markets in Asia Pacific, United States & Canada. We are a professionally managed family business with a 40-year-old legacy and a strong foundation in quality products & customer servicing. Our key businesses span across five distinct kinds of offerings, making us a single point provider for all your furnishing, hospitality, and design needs.

1. Interior-Exterior-Furniture Contract Service

This business deals with manufacturing of commercial contract furniture for a plethora of businesses ranging from restaurants, hotels, in-store displays to offices & schools and more. Our capability spans in dealing with multiple materials which are responsibly sourced and are long lasting. We provide additional services of aiding with interior design & also consultation.

2. B2B Sourcing

The sourcing facilitation business capitalizes on our extensive network of manufacturers from whom we source furniture for your retail & wholesale furniture business. Our B2B offering is carefully curated so that you don’t need to spend your time in searching, in quality control, and in testing products but instead only focus on building your business by leaps & bounds.

3. B2C Custom Furniture & Interior Design Service

You imagine it. We create it. This service is a home decorator’s dream. All you need to do is simply visualize what your dream piece of furniture should be like & communicate with our user friendly design service and furniture manufacturing services to make your idea a reality. We also provide personalized home decoration services, should you feel the need for the same.

3. Hotel Amenities & Supplies

Bloomville’s hotel supplies business brings to you an extensive catalogue of hotel accessories, bedding and appliances. We take pride in offering high quality hotel amenities & supplies at a reasonable price . We also offer complimentary design services for clients who purchase in bulk, making us a one-stop-shop for completing your hotel amenity needs. Our environmentally friendly products are legally sourced from various countries such as Italy, Greece, Taiwan, South Korea, & China and pass all Japanese regulations.

4.Web Design & Development, Business Branding and Creative Design

Bloomville Inc. has recently launched a range of creative services to cater to the growing needs of our business clients Our web design service is built on our robust capability to provide front end & back end support. We are known to create sites which perfectly communicate our clients’ offerings, are intuitive, versatile and visually appealing. The experienced panel of professionals who are part of our creative design business are able to deliver competent designs for all your business needs. Our business branding service has been built to help strengthen positive perceptions around our clients’ brands and bolster their visual identity.

Concept & Mission

In a market that is saturated with low cost furniture suppliers servicing both direct consumers & businesses; the question arises as to what sets Bloomville apart. Here is what differentiates us from competition, year after year.

Years of Expertise: A second generation business running for more than 40 years; Bloomville has formed an extensive & deep rooted network of trusted suppliers & customers. Our experience in the furniture industry & our knowledge base is unique, assuring our customers a dependable supply chain & a-z support that is unparalleled.

High Quality Products: Our products are sourced from the most reputable suppliers around the globe. Our competent quality team work day in & out to ensure we stick to stringent quality norms which include but are not restricted to humidity levels in the wood, strength and the aesthetic aspects of the product. We pay special attention to the packaging of the products & ensure they are well protected till they arrive at your doorstep. Overall, we at Bloomville take our service responsibility seriously.

Design & Service Excellence: Our business offerings are elevated by the high precedence we give to service excellence & product design. Be it in the form of unmatched customer support, design services, interior consultancy or simply the user interface in our custom design service; we believe that an amalgamation of these is responsible for our differentiated service excellence.

Our Mission: To provide aesthetically appealing, high quality furniture that are sourced responsibly in a way that lets us develop our supplier community & provide our valued customers a price that is reasonable, designs that are trendy, service that is responsible & flexible backed by communication that is friendly.


Pure passion drives our business that supports the people & the place where they are made. Hence we personally visit all our sourcing locations, develop the craftsmen, promote continuity of various handicraft forms, invest in education & reforestation so that we create self-sustained local communities. We use Fair Trade and Indonesian legal wood which are mostly recyclable, reclaimed or recycled and wherever applicable we source only environmentally friendly products. Our philosophy is entrenched in caring passionately every step of the way.

Meet our team

Kent Pooh

Founder-CEO of Bloominglands. Co., LTD (est. 1993)


Founder of 7Oceans Designs http://www.7oceansdesigns.com

Experienced in furniture production and trading for 35+ years.

Language: Chinese Mandarin (Native), English (Business Level)

Akihiko Naruse

CEO of Bloomville, Inc. (est. 2014)


Co-Founder of Paradiddle Designs (est. 2016) http://paradiddle.co.jp

Experienced in furniture production and trading for 6+ years
Professional Drummer

Language: Japanese (Native), English (Fluent)

Alicia Naruse

CEO-DESIGNER of Bloomville, Inc. (est. 2014)


Co-Founder of Paradiddle Designs (est. 2016) http://paradiddle.co.jp

Experienced in furniture production, design, and trading for 6+ years
Pratt Institute, Class of 2012

Language: English (Native), Chinese Mandarin (Native), Japanese (Conversational)


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